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Calligraphy Invitations & Envelopes

Calligraphy is an ancient but personal art form. Its beauty comes not only from the elegance of the letters but from the heart of the artist, as he or she brings the words to life on paper. For that reason, every piece you commission is hand-lettered by Sue personally, including invitations, envelopes, placecards and escort cards, and original artwork.  


Envelope pricing is calculated by the line. Most wedding invitation envelopes have three address lines on the outside plus one line on the inside, for a total of 4 lines. Apartment numbers go on their own line unless you ask for the more casual shortcut (i.e., #305).

Pricing for Standard Envelopes
$1.00 per line

A standard 2-envelope wedding invitation set with 4 lines, totals $4.00 per set. (4 x 1.00 )

Additional Charges:

  • Opaque lined envelopes (View example): 50% extra
  • A special finish that would make lettering complicated (such as moiré paper or a glossy finish that resists ink): 50% extra
  • Colored ink. Sue custom mixes paint to your specifications: 50% extra
  • Gold or silver ink: 100% extra
  • Centering each line: $2.50 per line

Sue offers two different kinds of handwriting at half the price since they take half the time. These are 50¢ per line.



from sue

  • A typed or computer-generated list. I don't care what format it's in, as long as I don't have to decipher handwriting! Feel free to email me the list in Word or Excel.

  • Please let me know:
    • If living-together couples
      with different last names are
      married or not

    • If you are inviting children by name, if they are over 12 or under 12

    • The first names of any
      women doctors

  • Please order 10% extra envelopes.

  • Please allow one week per 100 This is negotiable depending on how much work I have when you call. 



Hand-lettered Artwork

Personalized calligraphy pieces are priced by the job. Browse through the portfolio for inspiration, then contact Sue for a quote. In general, original artwork is priced as follows:

Layout and design: $50
$1.00 per word
Decorated capitals: $35-50, depending on size and complexity
Engrossing borders: $50 and up, depending on size
Full borders: $75 and up, depending on size



Camera-Ready Lettering for Invitations

$10 per line

Other services

Placecards: $1.75 each
Escort cards and envelopes: $1.50 per set.
Certificates (filling in names, etc): $1.00/word except for blackletter, which is $2.00/word. $10 minimum.



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