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Calligraphy Invitations & Envelopes

When a guest receives your invitation, the first impression they have of your event is the way the envelope is addressed. Check out the styles below, then contact Sue to personalize your invitations. (Click on each picture for an enlarged view.) 

Envelope Styles


Flemish Script
Rook Script
Simple Copperplate Script
London Script
Rook Script, Blue Envelope
Spencerian Capitals
Spencerian Script
Super Flourished Envelope
Pointed Pen Italic
Flourished Italic
Simple Italic

Handwriting Styles

The handwriting styles below are half the price since they take half the time to do.

Italic Handwriting
Palmer Script Handwriting

Font Styles

These font styles are excellent for calligraphy plaques and other artwork.

Gothicized Italic

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